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American Cargo Truck Driving Simulator 2018 is a real cargo transport driving game. Drive American trucks and transport cargo from city to the hill station. These 2018 Euro trucks are made for 4×4 cargo simulator duty in New York City. Mr Driver Keep on trucking to become a truck legend of transport truck games vehicles. As an extreme American truck driver, get in your big USA truck and start driving to transport hazardous goods from city highway to hilly areas without any truck crash. Avoid driving cargo transporter truck above the speed limit otherwise, the truck jumps and cargo transport truck mission will fail. Drive safely and follow city traffic rules in real life.

The American Cargo Truck Driving Simulator 2018 game is for real USA Truck Drivers. In cargo truck simulator game, drive your American transport truck carefully and punctually both on offroad truck paths and city highway roads. As a Euro truck driver attach the truck trailer behind and drive across Europe to deliver goods like tree logs, fuel gas, oil tankers, food crates and petroleum goods. The trucker also has to drive Russian trucks through heavy traffic, mud tracks, rugged mountains, swamp and treacherous roads under tough weather conditions. Driving and parking mud runner cargo trailer is not an easy task especially when it is loaded because sometimes the spin tyres get stuck in the muddy tracks.

So get behind the wheels of 16 wheeler cargo trailer and start your ultimate transport duty. To perform the duty of truck transportation you can drive multiple trucks like Semi truck, Pick up trucks and Europe trucks. These are real future trucks for hill driver transport missions. These transportation missions are made for American truck driving school where the hill driver transporter can improve driving and parking skills.

Features of American Cargo Truck Driving Simulator 2018:
– Free download with Offline gameplay
– Real life traffic in Mexico city
– AI Traffic with luxury vehicles
– New Real Transporter Cargo 3D Game
– Carry woods cargo, milk tanker, oil, fruits, and vegetable
– A big open city with off-road hill environments for 18 wheeler
– Included new truck simulation 2018 game
– Impossible hill driving transport missions
– Real-time simulation, driving & truck Parking
– New Offroad trucks like cargo trailer, euro trucks, US trucks, Russian trucks
– Thrilling Mountain truck driving transport missions on dangerous tracks
– camera angles for driving pick up trucks( interior, cockpit, sideways, rear, 360 )

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