Call of Duty BLACK OPS 4 Official Trailer (2018) Blockbuster Game HD
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  1. Well, for all u cod is dead fags, we've had too many ww games. The future shit started with bo2. It was bo2, ghosts, aw, bo3, and iw. All future games that we said we'd never get, but we did anyway, and played them. We've gotten used to future settings and actually started having fun. But then Activision shot back in time like 100 years to ww2, were there was of course no boost jumps, no sliding, no specialists, no special gadgets or weapons. None of us were having fun becuz we weren't used to ww2 anymore, ever since waw. Let's stop with this "go back to ww2" bullshit, and get used to the fact that Activision has taken cod to the next level. It's one of those "step out of your comfort zone" kinda things. So stop bitching about it and get used to it. I dont know if u guys realized it, but Activision isnt going to listen to a bunch of babbling little kids when they are making billions of dollars. So instead of saying "this game looks stupid", say "wow I'll give it a try". Btw, you said u weren't getting iw after seeing the trailer, but u did anyway, AND played it. So if u dont like it, dont get it. "Dont judge a book by its cover".

  2. Why on earth no Advanced Warfare 2?? Advanced Warfare was awesome! Still love playing it. Great graphics!! And now this….. I remember ghosts… Ghosts had great graphics but a poor storyline. It played great however and I still loved it. Black ops 2 was refreshing but still it wasn't the greatest ever. But I played it. Black ops 3 sucked big time. And infinite warfare sucked balls too. Call of Duty WWII I have skipped since I was done with killing hordes of german zombie like soldiers. Now go either back to the 60s Vietnam or Cold War or continue Advanced Warfare. But this sucks… Another Call of Duty to skip. I haven't skipped a single Call of Duty from the first COD release until Black Ops 3 then I started skipping. And this is another unfortunately.

  3. Game looks stupid..
    Play Real-Life instead!
    Support Trump, Support your nation….. Otherwise….The attacking globalist & logic eating socialists wont be letting you play any games..Truth!

  4. Can someone please give me a proper answer will there be bots in black ops 4 multiplayer I know there is AI support for zombies but will there be AI support for offline multiplayer I play offline and online I really appreciate it if someone can help hear

  5. "MAY CONTAIN CONTENT INAPPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN" Yet the game looks like a Saturday morning GI Joe cartoon. What child WOULDN'T want to play this? It certainly doesn't look like a war game an adult could get in to. It's obviously targeted towards middle school kids. "Hey mom! I want Call of Duty Black ops 4 for my birthday!"

  6. again this futuristic shit.. call of duty is dead ….. anyone think COD Ghost is a good game??? i want COD ghost 2 i wanna know what happen to that brother who dragged away by the villan


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