The resources that you can acquire and generate from this Lineage 2 Revolution cheat are the following:

  1. Red Diamonds
  2. Blue Diamonds
  3. Adena

As you can see, these are only three resources but if you have free and unlimited of these, you will be able to do the following :

  • Unlock and acquire high-grade equipment
  • Purchase HP and MP potions
  • Acquired quest scrolls
  • Purchase soulshots
  • Get upgrade stones
  • Purchase special weapon or armor box
  • Acquire Maphr’s Protection
  • Forge equipment which requires Adena as payment
  • Imprint Runes to increase the stat of your character
  • and a whole lot more…



L2 Revolution Generator link :



The next step is to access the Lineage 2 Revolution online cheat tool by clicking this link. Rest assured that we have protected our tool to ensure that it is free from any viruses or malware. As an additional measure, we have also ensure that you (the player) is safe from any game ban or detection.

Once you have clicked the link and have a view on the online generator, check in the username field. Type in your account’s username, no need to use your facebook account nor your Google sign in account.

Your username will then be verified by the system. This is to ensure that the generated resources will by synced on the right account.

Once username has been verified, just select the resource that you wish to generate. You can actually select all since everything is just free of charge. For each resource, you will need to also key in the amount you wish to have.

After doing so, click the generate button which will trigger the addition of your chosen resources and its amount into your account.

You need to restart the game on your mobile first. Wait for a few seconds and then check your Lineage 2 Revolution account. Just repeat this steps whenever you wish to replenish your resources.


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