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Battle with 100 players from all over the world in real-time!

Fight with your opponents, collect powerups, evade the exploding rooms and be the last man standing in a unique Battle Royale multiplayer maze!

Complete daily challenges, unlock new characters, and climb up the leaderboards!

Add players to your friends and invite them to public or private matches!


• Up to 100 players can join a single game.
• Each game features a unique maze with multiple rooms that will be exploding over time!
• Play as a guest or log in to save your stats online and play from any device.
• Minimalistic, intuitive & modern game design.
• Fast, optimized, lag-free servers.
• 100 unique unlockable characters!
• No complicated menus, tutorials, or waiting times. Just launch the game and play instantly online!
• No bots! Only real players that you can also add to your in-game friends and invite them to online matches!
• Smooth & fast gameplay, battery friendly, playable even from a very low-end device.
• Only 9 MB app size!
• 100% ad-free!

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