SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER New Gameplay Trailer (2018)

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  1. its been so long since ive played video games. i picked up rise of the tomb raider and finished it in like 4 days (going back to do all the challenges and tombs). and i just found out this shit is coming out NEXT MONTH??!?!? holy hell.

  2. The graphics may be worse but its definitely more touched up…and this looks way cooler …I just wish they'd give her the double pistols again…and maybe some rope swinging like in Uncharted

  3. well i love uncharted i played 2 and 3 but this basically looks better than any uncharted… i also played TR 2013 and Rise .. need to play uncharted 4 but still this seems way better

  4. So many dumbfucks are comparing this to uncharted or just busy saying graphics are bad or animations are bad lol such experts sitting in comments these are the people who can't even afford the game PS this looks amazing 💓

  5. what's with all the whining and off-topic uncharted related comments? game looks amazingly promissing to me, even when compared to ROTTR. don't know what footage y'all are watching


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