Public demo is out on Steam! You can now download Stygian and join the cast of desperate souls that are forsaken to walk the streets of our doom-struck town! You can find the Steam store page link below:



  1. я одного не понимаю. это РПГ так?
    тогда почему я НЕ могу продать ключ??
    почему после того как его продаешь, игра заканчивается?? ЭТО ТОЧНО РПГ ??????????
    а что трудно было прописать сценарий, в котором ты находишь труп продавца или наемника, рискнувшего самому с проданным ключом пойти в банк???
    ЛИНЕЙНЫЙ СЮЖЕТ-это ну никак не РПГ. ни разу.

  2. The demo is great except for one minor thing and that was that using a melee character seems to be inviting everyone to come and swarm you. While guns are great and i swear i'm not worrying about ammo. Feels like there needs to be less ammo or less accuracy or make melee weapons push back or stun sometimes.

  3. What foul game is this?… such horrid abominations, and ghastly visions, forcibly causing minds to fall into an abyss of indescribable madness, all hideously blasphemous to the senses…

    As i am writing this, i have now become certain without a doubt, that any resistance is futile, as I can already feel some otherworldly urge, gnawing away at the back of my mind, forcing me to play this accursed game of abnormally vile proportions!


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