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Summoners War is an addictive online game that will let you unlock loads of monsters and buildings. In this card game, you need to use strategies that will shape the composition of each deck of cards. The tactics you use will also determine the effectiveness of those cards in the battlefield. So, are you ready to explore the world of Summoners War and get to know with our famous Summoners War Hack?

Monsters Strength And Weaknesses:

Each monster in the game is linked with a certain element. All monsters have some strengths and weaknesses. It is important to know the elementary properties of each monster so that you can put them forward in the battlefield accordingly. The five elemental properties in the game are Fire, Light, Water, Wind, and Dark. Here are the strengths and weaknesses of each elemental property:

  • Water is strong against Fire.
  • Fire is strong against Wind.
  • Wind is strong against Water.
  • Light is weak against Dark.
  • Dark is weak against Light.

Plan Well:

Planning well in the battlefield is of utmost importance to achieve success in the game. Your focus should be on one enemy at a time. Attacking several monsters at a time is of no use. It is better to let all your monsters attack a single enemy together. This strategy works wonderfully as you will be killing monsters one by one and there will be fewer chances of them coming back. If you are a bad planner or just do not want to make this thing complicated give a shot to our Summoners War Hack.

How To Fight With Boss?

Killing the boss is not easy at all. You will require your best monsters and some amazing techniques. The boss fights are the most challenging part of the game. Always keep a track of the elemental properties of each boss and then create a team accordingly to kill them. You can even take help from your online friends or Summoners War Hack. Bring their leader monster into the battle and make use of some powerful tactics to kill the boss monsters.

Earning Rewards:

The easiest way to earn loads of rewards is by participating in the Arena battles. If you score a good rank in the Arena battle then you will be able to earn lots of Crystals (this premium currency can also be acquired by using Summoners War Hack) and other essential resources. A great tactic to use before participating in the Arena event is by having battles with those opponents that have less difficulty status. This status can be checked by noting the number of swords that they have in the game.

Moreover, you can purchase Arena defenses as it will enhance your chances of achieving success. With these techniques, you will be able to earn higher rankings in the arena battles; thus, you will earn better rewards like Arena Points and EXP.

How To Speed Up The Battles?

There is a fast forward button that can be used to speed up the battle 2x or 3x times. Moreover, if you want to use the auto mode then click the play button and the battle will go automatically. About 90% of your battles can be speeded up in this manner. However, for tougher battles you will have to use the manual mode.


When you repeatedly grind a certain area on a map or dungeon to collect resources and earn XP bonus, then it means that you are farming in the game. Some of the resources that you can farm are XP, monsters, mana, and runes. It is always recommended to use one strong monster to beat the stage while farming. Or, you can use three or more monsters that you would like to level up. Some of the popular farming grounds are Hydeni Ruins, Tamor Desert, Faimon Volcano, etc.

Completing Quests:

There are several quests, achievements, and missions that you need to complete in the game. Depending on the quest that you complete, you will earn plenty of Mana, Experience points, and Crystals. So, whenever you are falling short of them, just complete the quests and missions or start using Summoners War Cheats right away.

Cairos Dungeon:

When you beat the Kabir Ruins, you will be able to unlock the Cairos Dungeon. At this dungeon, you will be able to acquire the best items of Summoner Wars game. The essences that you require to awaken monsters are also found in this dungeon. Moreover, you will even get some rare rune combos, loads of experience and mana, and some limited time dungeons that are a great way to earn big bonuses.


Devilmon is a material-type monster that can be found through the Devilmon Cave and Glory Shop. This monster has the ability to increase the attributes of any skills of your monsters.


Angelmon is a material-type monster that is located within the Angel Garden and elemental dungeons. This monster can provide lots of EXP to all of your other monsters to be used as material. Some elemental Angelmons work very well with other monsters of the same type so using them in the game will be quite beneficial.

What Are The Perks Of Expanding Your Island?

By expanding your island, you will be able to construct more number of buildings. This will enable you to earn more Experience Points. In addition, the rocks and trees put up in each island will slowly return over time. These can be removed and in exchange of them, you can earn experience points.

Why Should You Awaken Your Monsters?

When you awaken a monster, its name and form will change entirely. By awakening them, you are giving them extra power and increasing their rarity. To awaken them you will require certain essences. Each essence is different for each monster that you find in the game. To find out the essence that you will require, you need to click on the Awaken icon and then tap on a monster. Once you acquire the particular essence, you can awaken the monster, despite of the Experience Level of the cards.

How To Acquire Essence?

You will be able to find the essence dungeons in the Cairos Dungeon area. However, other than the Hall Of Magic, the rest of the elementals are accessible only once every day. Whenever they are available in the game, ensure that you play them as many times as possible. This will help you in acquiring loads of vital elemental essences, which can further be used to awaken monsters.

How To Change The Rarity Of Essences?

To change the rarity of essences from low to high, you need to purchase the Fuse Center. By putting all low rarity essences together, you will be able to make medium essences. Then, by putting all medium essences together, you will be able to make them into high essences. The high rarity essences are useful to awaken the monsters that belong to the high rarity level.


Overall, Summoners War is an interesting game. So, have fun while destroying your opponent’s Summoners and also don’t forget to try Summoners War hack 2017.


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