Take a look at the official gameplay trailer shown during the Ubisoft Press Conference at E3 2018.

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  1. This trailer isn't very exciting. Original game's trailer was awesome, but the game was pretty underwhelming. Following that "one or the other" logic, hopefully that means that this one will be playable

  2. for me it's bloody whatever was in division 1 better than what I'm playing here just by audio semi singing more and more, and you did not add anything to the other part and did nothing to play the game 3 years of the year I'm here

  3. Wow. So the first wave failed except for the player and Faye. And in DC, the same thing happened, but there was no you, so it failed. They were ambushed. Most likely by Rogue agents. I think it was a clue that Keener said he was The Prodigal Son. Then in that case he's probably in charge of the true Sons. The means a hunter's or reinforcements against the division. So it was a clean up crew. Now you and the third wave are in DC. And the first warning you got was from a child's letter. Got it. He probably has the antidote and controls the population. Most likely a Southern paramilitary right wing militia. At the end of looks like they have some former military equipment. Most likely heavy law enforcement from the capitol. State-of-the-art. Should be a good game. The question is do they know what happened in New York? What do they think you just fell? Should be awesome. I wonder if they've been executing Federal's. I can't wait for this game and get down. In the DLC, can I have a liberation? That means heavy Infantry with armored vehicle with flags from different states, that way players can see what state they're from? I'm California I would love to hook up from someone from New York. Or Texas. Or Oklahoma. To be honest Alaska and Colorado. Maybe some Native Americans. Anyway have fun

  4. One thing I really want is The Division to become an international thing. America surely can't be the only country affected by all the shit that happened, right? Imagine other countries having their own forms of The Division, desperately trying to survive and protect their citizens.

  5. Absolutely not. Not only is it a sequel to one of the worst games I’ve ever played, but it’s made by Ubisoft. If you know anything about Ubisoft, you know it takes them at least 5 sequels to make any noticeable changes to their game series. (Assassins Creed, Farcry, any Tom Clancy game.)

  6. I do like the option of co op though in a campaign story line whatever. It is an option I really like when ubisoft makes a game so hoping for co op in the story mode. Then you can choose to play lone wolf or might be in the mood to play with others.

  7. Meanwhile in other Countrys Silently Judging

    wow…. America Really love to scavenge for guns rather than reinforcing the law and gathering food!

    I mean what is the whole point on making agents such as the division when actually 99.999% all I Do we do is just either killing other factions, Looting, or going rogue

    and Meanwhile The government is just like

    Gov: hey… let's make a new Agent branch equiped with state of the art military hardware and go kill other agents I mean…… Asses the situation what could go wrong?

    (R)Agent: Going ROGUE BOIS

    note: not gonna lie even tho.. the mission of the agents and the storyline is like WtF? I its still a good game


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